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alex lodge







saturday night fever


" of the best solo performances comes from Alex Lodge, who plays the

luckless Bobby C, with his rendition of Tragedy." - Bristol Post


"...Alex Lodge gave a powerful performance as hopeless Bobby C" - Bradford

Telegraph and Argus


"Alex Lodge delivers an emotionally penetrating performance as the helpless and alienated Bobby C" - Cardiff Sprout


"Alex Lodge lends the character of Bobby C both comedy and pathos, with a stand-out performance of 'Tragedy' and a moving final outburst." -


"...a real raw and honest edge, notably in Tragedy sung by Alex Lodge as Bobby C." - Jonathan Baz


"...graduate Alex Lodge performs very capably in his professional debut as Bobby C." -


"...Alex Lodge as Bobby C...on top form" - Spirit FM







"Alex Lodge brings charisma and energy to the role of Aladdin, getting the panto off to a rousing start with this year’s panto staple, Uptown Funk." - Derbyshire Times


"In the title role of Aladdin, Alex Lodge looks the part and sings splendidly...- Manchester Theatre Awards


"Alex Lodge is a fine young Aladdin and proves a perfect match with Kelsey Beth Crossley’s Princess Jasmine" - The Stage


"Alex Lodge was an energetic and enthusiastic Aladdin and was the perfect prince for Princess Jasmine played by Kelsey Beth Crossley." - Arts Beat Magazine


"Aladdin, played by Alex Lodge, looked like he'd jumped straight out of a kids cartoon with his animated facial expression and his boyish good looks. He had an adorable charm about him and was a definite triple threat striving in all three areas and doing it at a level which was outstanding it's no wonder all the little girls were in love with him." -





damn yankees



“Alex Lodge is the perfect leading man with one of the most stunning voices to be heard in London. He delivers the show beautifully, and you instantly fall in love with him.” - Jade Pritchard, London Theatre News


“Alex Lodge does a wonderful job as Joe Hardy with great characterisation, dancing and singing…” - Jody Tranter, WestEndFrame


“Alex Lodge, who plays the young Joe, blessed with the bluest eyes ever, can sing and carries the part off with great aplomb.” - William Russell, 


“…at only 21, Alex Lodge…makes a confident professional debut as the diabolically-enhanced baseball star, blending puppy-eyed ‘aw shucks’ sweetness with elegant vocals and moves.” - Johnny Fox


“Alex Lodge, just graduated from ArtsEd, is a likeable and tuneful Joe Hardy with a big future…” - Jeremy Chapman,


“Alex Lodge as Joe Hardy is a real discovery – he is tall, has the face of an angel, can sing and dance with the rest but has the personality of a young eager and rather naive young man which is highly endearing and perfect for the role. I predict that given the right opportunities, he will have a great future in the business.” - Aline Waites,


“Alex Lodge attacks the part of young Joe with endearing flair portraying a knowing naivety…” - Derek Benfield, UK Theatre Web


“Alex Lodge has all the elements of an excellent leading man: he is good looking, oozes charm and style and has a lovely voice… he is obviously the real deal” - Stephen Collins, 


“Alex Lodge stands out as the young Joe Hardy…Handsome and charismatic in equal measure, Lodge’s performance encompasses both a sensitive vulnerability with all the determination needed to lead a failing team to victory. Add to this his smooth voice and you have a winning leading man.” - George Thomas,


“The cast are especially strong with wholesome and handsome Alex Lodge putting in a stellar lead performance as Joe Hardy, showing dazzling dance moves and a powerful voice, which considering that he’s a recent graduate shows a considerable talent. He’s definitely one to watch and not simply because of his boyish good looks.” - Chris Bridges,


“Alex Lodge makes a formidable leading man.” - Jessica Gray,


“…the appealing Alex Lodge…” - Mark Shenton, The Stage


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