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Alex currently offers Tuition in Musical Theatre Performance, Acting & Dance in the following formats:



Perfect for dance schools, college courses, amateur groups & professional training institutions - 90 minute long show-themed workshops, learning choreography from the West End productions of smash-hit Musicals (Titles including The Book Of Mormon, Saturday Night Fever, Bat Out Of Hell & Grease, to name but a few), with a focus on technique, performance & confidence building. Each workshop finishes with a 15 minute Q&A session. Audition style format with individual feedback sessions also available on request. 


In person - from £60, dependant on class size.

Online - from £40, dependant on class size. 


Whether you're a complete newbie trying out for a local amateur dramatic society, or a seasoned professional looking to further hone their skills by working on material at a deeper, academic level (and everything else in between!), Alex offers bespoke 1-1 sessions tailor-made to what you require in order to help you build confidence and maximise your chances of having a successful audition. Covering everything from vocal technique, material selection, character development and fully breaking down the text, Alex can help you maximise your potential and showcase you at your best. 


Each session will be 60 minutes long. Back to back sessions may be possible, subject to availability.


1 session - £30 (£25 for students currently in training at Drama School)

5 sessions - £120 (Buy 4 - get one free!)


Applying for drama schools is an exciting adventure, that can be incredibly nerve wracking at times. Finding the institutions that best fit your career goals, what course to apply for, how to apply and how best to maximise your chances of having a successful audition can be an overwhelming minefield of questions. As well as all those perfectly normal concerns, due to the current government restrictions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Performing Arts colleges are unable to hold in-person auditions, and are instead asking for “self tape” auditions - a filmed audition that can cause anxiety for even the most seasoned professional.

Alex offers private sessions for students looking to apply to study at any Performing Arts college, around the UK. After an initial consultation via Zoom, with Alex’s guidance, students will work on the following four key elements in 1-to-1 online sessions, tailor made to the students’ requirements.



Knowing which Performing Arts college best fits your career ambitions can be tough. Some offer accredited degree courses, whilst others offer their own diploma. Some have a heavier focus on one particular discipline, whilst others provide a more rounded training on all disciplines. Having a clear understanding of what each institution offers, what they expect & require from you as a student, but most importantly, what YOU want from YOUR professional training is essential information when narrowing down your list of where to apply. Each college has its own application process that may differ from other institutions, so paying close attention to what is required at each stage of the application process is important for maximising chances of success.  



Finding the perfect songs to sing for auditions can be a nightmare. And if finding the right song wasn’t already stressful enough, finding monologues for auditions can be even more of a nightmare. Alex will help you to find audition material that is right for YOU, including helping to source sheet music or backing tracks that are in the right key, making sure it is age appropriate and edited to be the correct length for auditions. Choosing the right material that best showcases your talents is the first weapon in your audition arsenal, and is crucial for your confidence. 



During the sessions, We will work on text interpretation, song presentation and audition technique in order to get the best performance out of you. Feeling well prepared and confident in what you offer to an audition panel is imperative, and together we will aim to build a well-rounded, detailed performance that you can feel proud of as you enter the exciting world of Performing Arts colleges.



Filming a great self tape can be difficult, time consuming and hard on your confidence if you’re not used to doing it. Finding the perfect location with the correct acoustics can be troublesome, as well as knowing how best to film the material without the resources and budgets of a Hollywood movie. As a professional Actor, Alex is used to regularly filming self tapes, and will be on hand to talk you through the process offering tips and tricks to help you produce a top-quality, industry standard audition tape to send off to respective colleges.


Each session will be 60 minutes long. Back to back sessions may be possible, subject to availability.


1 session - £25

5 sessions - £100 (Buy 4 - get one free!)

Alex has a full DBS check and public liability insurance. Parental consent is required for those under the age of 18.

For more information, get in touch via the Contact page.


As well as enjoying a successful career as and Actor, Alex has taught classes, led workshops, sat on audition panels & given lectures at many Performing Arts colleges and schools across the UK, including ArtsEd London, PPA (Guildford), Simon Says Dance (Edinburgh) & LATA. He also provides private tuition in Musical Theatre, Acting through song, Singing, Jazz & Tap. Watching students grow and develop is an incredibly rewarding process that Alex has always been passionate about, and he takes great pride in providing structured education and mentoring whenever he has been able to.